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5th Grade

The mission and focus of Valley Elementary School 

In our Valley Community, we are committed to every child’s success. 


 Valley Elementary Fifth Grade

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts: The fifth grade language arts curriculum is heavily focused on vocabulary, reading fluency, comprehension, and the Six Traits of Writing. Reports are shared by fifth grade students quarterly. Students also research and produce writing in a variety of genres.

Math: The fifth grade math concepts are covered through direct instruction and the use of small groups. Concepts covered in the fifth grade include fractions, decimals and geometry. Students investigate and practice these concepts through mathematical tasks working in small groups or partners as well as independently. These tasks greatly improve a student’s ability to problem solve and explain their thinking.

Social Studies: Our curriculum allows students to interact with historical events by directing their own learning.   Examples of experiences can include: building a Colonial Christmas from the ground up, mock city-council debates with local elected officials, exploring Westward expansion through push-pull factors, and creating our own version of the Underground Railroad.  Each year fifth graders research biographies about different people. Students produce an annotated timeline or poster about a person’s life, then dress as the person and perform as a Wax Museum statue. 

Science: Science inquiry methods and experiments covering the fifth grade science concepts are investigated throughout the year. Multiple opportunities for students to interact with outreach programs occur throughout the year.  These include programs such as Gateway Science and Tracey Aviary.   Our students go on to participate in the Weber School District’s STEM Olympiad competition.

Art:  The arts are integrated throughout all content areas through hands-on student directed projects.  Students are given consistent opportunities to learn about famous artists, principles of art, and elements of art.  

Opportunities for extension of learning: Extending the tiers of regular classroom instruction, we challenge students by providing educational experiences that are based on individual learning goals. Math and Reading projects are opportunities for students to explore ideas and be creative in their thinking. We encourage students to participate in Valley Elementary School’s Spelling Bee competition and The Weber School District’s STEM Olympiad.

Remediation Techniques: Fifth grade students have the opportunity to work in small groups within the classroom. We make modifications and adaptations to our daily tasks based on individual learning goals. Our students work with partners or a peer tutor when appropriate. Fifth grade students also have educational aide time available to help them, one on one, with both reading and math concepts. We use the research based program Read Naturally to help students reach individual reading goals. 

Other Learning Opportunities: Our Fifth graders experience many opportunities to get involved in their community.  These experiences include guest speakers, local representatives, visiting local town councils, meeting with veterans, conducting mock debates, and visiting the state capitol.  A highlight of our fifth grade experience culminates in our Outdoor Adventure Day where students visit our local water habitat and learn about the environment we live in, the impact it has on our lives, and our impact on it. 

Fifth Grade is Fabulous!