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3rd Grade

The mission and focus of Valley Elementary School

In our Valley Community, we are committed to every child’s success. 


 Valley Elementary Third Grade

Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts:The third grade language arts curriculum is heavily focused on reading fluency and writing. Our goal is to have students “think” about what they are reading. Therefore, comprehension is at the forefront. Explicit lessons are given on appropriate rate, accuracy, and prosody to build reading fluency and comprehension. Students are taught to retell events in order using newly acquired vocabulary. Third graders also research and produce writing in a variety of genre. We teach the basics of cursive handwriting in the third grade so our students become literate with this type of text.

When students reach individual reading goals we reward them with reading parties throughout the year. Some favorites include The Polar Express reading celebration in December and the Drive-In-Movie reading party in early spring.

Math:Third grade math concepts include multiplication and division along with fact fluency and problem solving. Lessons are presented through direct instruction and the use of small groups. Technology is utilized in the classroom for individual practice of math concepts through a variety of learning games and assessments.

Social Studies:The third grade social studies curriculum focuses on the students and how they relate to others in their families, classroom, school, community and their citizenship as an American.

Science:Science concepts and skills are explored utilizing a literacy based, hands-on approach. In the third grade students study sources of heat, Earth and Moon, forces of motion and other concepts which are integrated within the language art program themes.

Art and Music:Through grant and Trust Land monies, we have an “Artist in Residence” artist available to teach comprehensive art techniques to our third grade students during the year. The works of art created by the students during this intensive study are showcased at the PTO art show in the early spring.

Third graders learn many patriotic songs and poems throughout the year. Through word and song the students learn the history of this wonderful land.

Opportunities for extension of learning: Through extension groups, third graders are encouraged to research, explore, and work on projects of their choosing. This is a valuable time for students to take ownership of their learning goals.

Third graders enjoy field trips to Weber State University Storytelling Festival, The Treehouse Museum, and an Ogden bowling alley.

Remediation Techniques: Third grade students have the opportunity to work in small groups and workshop activities within the classroom. Our students also have educational aide time and parent volunteers available to help them, one on one, with both reading and math concepts. When appropriate, students can work with partners or a peer tutor. We use the research based program Read Naturally to help students reach individual reading goals. When necessary, a child may need to work with a speech or resource teacher and will be pulled out of the classroom for a short time with other children with similar needs.

Other Learning Opportunities: In the spring, third graders present a patriotic program. Dressing in red, white, and blue, the children sing songs and recite poems about our great country.

Third Grade is Terrific!

8 black FINE POINT dry erase Expo markers
1 yellow highlighter
1 red pen
1 pack 24 count crayons
24 #2 Pencils – Ticonderoga sharpens the best
Pencil top erasers
8-12 glue sticks
1 plastic pencil box (about 5 1/2 x 9)
1 child scissors
5 sturdy two pocket folders (no prongs)
2 composition notebooks (no spiral)
2 Clorox/cleaning wipes
2 large boxes of Kleenex
2 rolls of paper towels
Please NO hand held pencil sharpeners
Inexpensive earbuds/headphones brought in a Ziploc bag with
their name on it.
Inexpensive personal mouse with USB plug (optional) – labeled
Ziploc Bags (gallon, quart, sandwich, or snack)
Treasure Box Items
Thank you for your generosity,
Third Grade Team