End of Year Testing at Valley

Testing Time at Valley April 22-May 10 

Don’t forget to:

Get a good night’s sleep

Eat a nutritious breakfast

Come to school on time

Do your best

And remember, you are all amazing students!

We are proud of each of you!





Dear Parents,

We need your HELP!

Tuesday, May 21st will be Field Day at Valley Elementary.  We need your help to supervise and run many of our games and activities that day.

Please make arrangements in your busy schedule to come and help us for a few hours. Watch for and send back the bottom portion of the red Field Day note or call Carol Stoker at 801-452-4180 or 801-745-3721 and let her know as soon as possible when you are available that day to help our kids have a spectacular time.

Thank you





Dear Valley Elementary School, Congratulations! Our partners at NAESP and my colleagues here at Crayola are delighted to inform you that your proposal has been chosen for a Champion Creatively Alive Children grant. The list of 20 schools receiving grants has been posted on Crayola.com.




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