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The mission and focus of Valley Elementary School

In our Valley Community, we are committed to every child’s success. 

Valley Elementary Kindergarten

 Curriculum Highlights

Language Arts:Students master letter names and sounds, develop phonemic awareness, memorize multiple sight words, blend sounds to fluently read and write words that include CVC, CVCC, and CCVC patterns, and practice comprehension skills. In addition, students write, illustrate, and publish class and individual books.

Math:Students explore numbers 1-20, write numbers in a sequence, compare numbers, understand addition and subtraction, solve word problems, fluently add and subtract within 5, explore base ten and place value, use measurement and data collection skills, and explore geometry.

Social Studies: Students focus on self, family, and classroom with emphasis on culture, citizenship, geography, and financial literacy.

Science: Students are introduced to the scientific process; conduct numerous experiments in relation to weather, seasonal changes, zoology, botany, and physical sciences.

Art and Music: Students learn holiday, patriotic and educational songs. In art, they complete various art projects using a variety of mediums.

Opportunities for extension of learning/remediation techniques:

Students have daily opportunities to participate in small group activities within the kindergarten classroom. The children also engage in one on one work with teachers and paraprofessionals. They also have opportunities to reinforce important classroom skills with parent volunteers. Students may also participate in pull out groups with specialists.

Other Learning Opportunities: In May, kindergarten students present a program as a review of the year. This program includes many songs and poems the children have learned over the year.

Kindergartners also enjoy field trips to our local fire station, library and Huntsville Park.

 Kindergarten is Cool!


Kindergarten Supply List 2018-19  

 **Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis. Otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.

Please bring the following school supplies to your child's appointment in August. (Backpack can be brought on the first day of school)

Backpack: Please buy/send a Large/regular backpack rather than the preschool/small backpacks.  The kiddos get frustrated because their school folders and papers do not fit in the smaller ones.

1 large Clorox wipepack

6 or more gluesticks

1 roll paper towels

Triangle Crayola brand Crayons (early shoppers will find them at Walmart and Office Max or order them at Amazon)

1 Plastic pencil box (8X5) The inexpensive one please no locks or zippered ones. (Please label)

4 small dry erase markers

8 colors Crayola watercolor paints (Please label with your child's name)

2 sets of snacks for 25 kids (crackers, pretzels, granola bars, squeeze applesauce, fruit snacks, string cheese, fresh fruits or vegetables that are easily prepared, popcorn, baked chips)  Please save sugary snacks for birthday treats.

Personal headphones (Please label) if possible use the headphones rather than earbuds they get too tangled for the kids to use. Please choose at least two of the following items:

sidewalk chalk

Pipe cleaners

Washable Markers

Box of Kleenex Tissues

Play dough

Cotton balls

Twistable Crayons

Can shaving cream

Hand sanitizer

Children's scissors

Small Treasure Box  Prizes

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